This Criteria is the contest to exhibit your ideas or designs on the field of civil or Architecture. We asks for the best design from your side. It is basically related to physical design Competition.

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Some Information:

  1. Number of Member in a team – 3 (max)
  2. Registration Fee : Rs. 20,000/- per team
  3. Each Team gets 3 VIP pass worth Rs. 9000/-
  4. Each Team gets 25 Standard Pass worth Rs. 3750/-
  5. Each team has unlimited access to VIP lounge.
  6. Each team gets goodies worth Rs.5000/-
  7. Each team gets a stall to showcase their project, ideas or design.


Title Physical Design Challenge
Related Fields Civil Engineering
No. of Winner 1 (One)


Participation in the Competition

  1. The Competition shall be organized on a world-wide basis. No restrictions concerning the applicants’ country of origin shall apply.
  2. All applicants must have the formal qualifications enabling them to take up activities in the field of civil or architecture or be a student of engineering study related to civil or architecture. The applicants shall provide proof of these qualifications.
  3. Groups of architects or civil, as well as legal persons created to provide civil/architectural services are allowed to participate. They shall appoint one individual person, having the required qualification, to be responsible for the application. The composition of the group shall not change in the course of the Competition. The members of the group or shareholders of the legal person must not submit separate applications.
  4. The following persons are excluded from participation in the Competition:

1) Any volunteers or external consultants that are or have been involved in the detailed preparation and execution of the Competition;

2) Members of the Jury and Experts to the Jury;

  1. Applicants shall attach to their application a declaration that they comply with the requirements laid down in 2 to 4. If the non-compliance with any of these requirements is discovered subsequently, the organizing coordinator is entitled to exclude the concerned applicant from the Competition and to annul, if need be, the award of a prize.
  2. Before the decision of the Jury is published, any contact in respect of the competition between applicants and organizing committee, the Consultant, the members of the Jury or the Experts appointed by the organizing committee shall be prohibited, except in the following cases:

7.1. The contact provided for in the competition brief (e.g. requests, presentation meetings or site visits that might take place);

7.2. The contact initiated by the organizing committee, if it detects an error or omission or any other material inadequacy in the competition brief or in other documents distributed among the applicants. In such cases, the additional information will be given to all remaining participating applicants.

Pre-Selection phase

  1. The Pre-Selection Committee shall establish, with the help of the Consultant, a list of the applicants meeting the formal requirements mentioned above. From the eligible applicants, the PreSelection Committee shall select 40 applicants to be admitted to the first phase. The selection shall be based upon the following criteria listed in decreasing order of importance:

If more than 40 applicants meet the aforementioned criteria, and if the ranking of the applicants cannot be determined, the Pre-Selection Committee may draw lots. If the applicants can be ranked partially, the drawing of lots might be limited to the remaining positions.

  1. The members of the Pre-Selection Committee shall try to decide unanimously on the selection of applicants. If unanimity cannot be reached, decisions shall be taken by majority vote. The list of the selected applicants, shall be accessible to all applicants upon completion of the pre-selection phase. They shall be on an Internet platform.
  2. The Pre-Selection Committee shall inform the applicants admitted to the first phase of the Competition, as well as the 15 applicants on the reserve list, and shall invite them to declare their intention to participate in the Competition within the set deadline. In the event that one of the selected applicants does not apply within the set deadline, or declines/withdraws his/her participation, the PreSelection Committee shall invite the best ranked applicant on the reserve list. The organizing committee may inform the general public of the names of the applicants who will participate in the first phase of the Competition.
  3. The organizing committee shall not reimburse any expenses whatsoever incurred by the applicants for the purpose of their applications.

Procedure for the first phase

  1. The applicants admitted to the first phase, and having declared their intention to participate (the “candidates”), shall obtain the competition brief. They shall be invited to submit within the indicated time limit an initial idea, including the documents and plans requested in the competition brief . Annotations on all written documents must be in English. Each candidate may submit one concept only. Items not requested shall be excluded from the selection process.
  2. The time limit set in the competition brief refers to the date by which the candidates have to send their concepts to the Organizing Committee. Any concept that has not been handed over in time, or that arrives at the Organizing Committee two weeks after the date set in the competition brief, shall be excluded from the Competition regardless of the reason for the delay.
  3. Any requests for additional information may be addressed in writing (post, e-mail or internet platform) to the address foreseen in the competition brief within the time limit set in the competition brief. The Organizing Committee shall decide whether and to what extent additional information shall be given. The information given in reply shall be provided to all candidates
  4. After examination of each outline concept the Jury shall select certain candidates to be admitted to the second phase. The selection shall be based upon the following criteria:

1) Overall Planning, architecture and landscape;

2) Compliance with the main features of the functional and spatial programme, including modularity;

3) Feasible approach to an energy/environmental concept;

4) Compliance with the relevant rules, in particular in the field of building law and environmental law.

  1. The Organizing Committee shall inform all candidates whether they are admitted to the second phase. The individual evaluation report may be attached to this notification.
  2. The Organizing Committee shall not reimburse any expenses whatsoever incurred by the candidates for the purposes of the first phase.

Procedure for the second phase

1 The candidates admitted to the second phase are invited to submit within the set time limit a detailed design concept and attach the requested documents, plans and models (the “design concept”).

  1. After having examined the submitted design concepts and discussed the corresponding reports the Jury shall award three prizes as listed below. It shall evaluate the design concepts in accordance with the following criteria:

1) Overall town-planning, architecture and landscape, i.e.

  • Architectural design and impact of spatial ensemble
  • Integration into urban and landscape context
  • Integration of protected monuments and buildings
  • Function and quality of landscape design
  • Originality, inspiration and innovation of the concept

2) Compliance with the main features of the functional and spatial programme, i.e.

  • Fulfilment of spatial programme
  • Functional organisation
  • Spatial and design qualities
  • Security zoning
  • Internal circulation
  • External access

3) Feasible approach to an energy/environmental concept i.e.

  • Life cycle costs (investment costs and operating costs)
  • Energy and technical concept
  • Economic feasibility

4) Compliance with the relevant rules, in particular in the field of building law and environmental law

  1. In addition to this remuneration, the prizes shall be awarded to the best candidate. The prizes and remuneration shall be paid to the candidates within one month following the announcement of results.

Publication of the outcome of the Competition

  1. The Chairperson of the Jury shall inform all candidates of the outcome of the competition without undue delay. The Organizer Committee shall inform the general public via appropriate media.
  2. All concepts submitted in the first and second phases shall be exhibited for at least two weeks.
  3. Design concepts submitted in the second phase shall become the property of the Organizer Committee. In any case, the authors of the concepts shall retain intellectual title to them and the right to use. If the Organizer Committee intends to implement parts of the concepts that have become its property it shall pay additional fair and adequate compensation to the owner of the intellectual property rights; any prize to this candidate shall be taken into account. In this case, candidates are obliged to permit deviations from their concept in the implementation phase.
  4. In addition to the public exhibition, the Organizer Committee shall be entitled to publish the concepts or parts of them on at most three occasions without additional compensation, provided that the name of the respective author is indicated.