Best Ideas, Design and Projects relating to Electronics is implemented in this category. If you anything that you think is worth sharing then come and be a part of NSUtechfest 2018.

How to Register:

  1. Download Registration Form.
  2. Fill up the form
  3. Submit the form to the organizer with the registration fee.
  4. Contact the organizer for the confirmation.

Some Information:

  1. Number of Member in a team – 3 (max)
  2. Registration Fee : Rs. 20,000/- per team
  3. Each Team gets 3 VIP pass worth Rs. 9000/-
  4. Each Team gets 25 Standard Pass worth Rs. 3750/-
  5. Each team has unlimited access to VIP lounge.
  6. Each team gets goodies worth Rs.5000/-
  7. Each team gets a stall to showcase their project, ideas or design.

Registration Form NSUtechfest 2018