Ram Chandra Poudel or Ram Chandra Paudel (Nepali:राम चन्द्र पौडेल) is a Nepalese politician who served as Deputy Prime Minister and Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nepal. He is a member of the Nepali Congress.

In the 2008 Constituent Assembly election he was elected from the Tanahu-2 constituency, winning 18,970 votes.He was elected as the Leader of the Parliamentary Party of the Nepali Congress on June 20, 2009, securing 61 votes against Sher Bahadur Deuba, a former Prime Minister who received 48 votes.

Poudel is a senior leader and central committee member of the Nepali Congress who served as Acting President of the Nepali Congress after the death of party president Susil Koirala. He was actively involved in party organization for many years as a central committee member and vice-president.